Based on your subjective experience and personal needs my services will help you attain your goals of increased self-awareness, understanding, and meaning of life.

In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere I offer individualized approach of psychotherapy to help with a variety of issues:


• Relationship issues

• Anxiety and depression

• Low self-esteem

• Emotion regulation

• Pain management

• Grief and loss

• Developmental crises


• Vocational issues


The following services are provided to individual adults, adolescents, couples, and groups:


  • . Individual psychotherapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy
    • Ericksonian/clinical Hypnosis


  • . Couple's therapy
    • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT developed by Dr. Sue Johnson). In this video Sue explains essential issues in close relationships.
    • Developmental Approach based on attachment (developed by Dr. Ellyn Bader).


***Please read the following article before the first session***


  • . Group therapy

Our open group is a long-term experiential/process group for women and men who want to relief their unwanted or painful symptoms, who want to grow or modify their behavior through change of feelings and thoughts in the safe presence of others. Group provides an arena where you can interact freely with others and it helps identify and understand what goes wrong in interactions which ultimately enables you to modify those patterns.


Additional services:

• Psychological Evaluations

• Mindfulness and Progressive Muscle Relaxation

• Yoga for Emotional Trauma

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