Relationship issues are frequently very important reasons people seek therapy. We have difficulties in relationships that are too enmeshed or detached, or we struggle with a relationship we want to end. What is very important in relationships is emotional intimacy but this emotion is frequently desired and at the same time may be feared.


Seeing people change and how their lives open up, telling me how much better they are doing with their spouse, child, at work, or how much better they are doing in life I find extremely rewarding.


It is fortunate when we are collaborating on this trip of self-understanding, when we are becoming curious about ourselves.

I can help you explore deeper levels of self, uncover your potential, your strengths and passions to increase meaning of your life.


My treatment specialty is providing individual and couples therapy. The treatment involves inner exploration with emotions and feelings, understanding and regulating them. I offer my training and experience to make possible your working-through the difficult situations and issues with compassion, and self-reflection. In this collaborative process, you can understand yourself more deeply, address the obstacles to feeling better, and have more of what you want in relationships, work, and life.


When it is indicated, I may use intense and long-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy; for short-term therapy I may use clinical hypnosis to help deal with pain, anxiety, depression, or other overwhelming feelings. When therapeutically necessary I can use yoga to heal emotional trauma; those are sections involving postures, meditation, and particularly breathing.


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