About Dr. Alicja Stewart

Learning and changing are life-long endeavors.  As a registered nurse I provided my services across continents immersing myself within various cultures, religions, skin colors, ages, and languages. As an instructor of British Literature and English as a Second Language (ESL) I have gained experience in a variety of settings of large and small cities also on several continents, from South Africa, to Poland, from Austria to Alaska, and now Arizona. That rich first-hand experience of diversified life-styles, cultures, and religions enhanced my sensitivity and understanding of human life.


I received my Doctor of Philosophy degree in Counseling Psychology from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. At the Southwest Behavioral Health Services in Phoenix I practiced as a doctoral residential therapist providing psychotherapy and counseling to adult in-patient population. Since the completion of the residency I have been in private practice.


Depending on a therapeutic need I can use counseling or psychotherapy. The difference between counseling and psychotherapy is such that counseling can help reduce symptoms, adjust to new or challenging circumstances, and help function in everyday life. Psychotherapy on the other hand,   focuses on subjective and emotional life, which can bring about long-lasting life changes through inner exploration.


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